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How much will PPL training near Amesbury cost?

The cost to obtain a PPL is several thousand pounds. This takes into account tuition, exams, tests, equipment, landing fees and CAA fees for licences. The ability and commitment of the student will greatly influence the time needed to pass the exams and tests.

If you're considering PPL training near Amesbury, please remember that it is a big investment in terms of time and money but the reward is potentially life changing. Don't miss the opportunity to become a private pilot with the help of the professionals.

Is a flight school in Amesbury providing PPL?

Flying Lesson Serve will help you find the nearest CAA approved flight school for a PPL. Most of the schools providing PPL for Amesbury are easily accessible by road or public transportation links.

How long will my PPL be valid for?

A PPL is effectively valid for life but the actual licence will need renewal by the CAA every 5 years. You simply send the relevant paperwork to them. PPL training near Amesbury will help you obtain a pilot licence for private and recreational use.

PPL Amesbury

Here at Flying Lesson Serve we help all types of people in Amesbury seeking professional flying lessons so that they can obtain an aeroplane or helicopter PPL.

The professionals that we help you find are experienced pilots providing the necessary training for a PPL to fly an aeroplane or helicopter for private or recreational use.

With flight schools near Wiltshire, you can receive professional tuition using modern training aircraft. The flight instructors are totally dedicated to your individual flying requirements regarding a PPL. Obtain your PPL at modern aviation facilities near Wiltshire.

Please contact the professionals via the online form for further information on obtaining a private pilot license for a fixed winged aircraft or helicopter.

Private pilot licence Amesbury

PPL Training Amesbury

PPL training Amesbury is the first step to acquiring a PPL, which allows you to fly an aeroplane or helicopter for recreation or private purposes (subject to ratings - the type of aircraft you're allowed to fly).

In general, PPL training near Amesbury will consist of:

• Ground training and exams in different subjects
• Dual flying lessons with an instructor
• Solo flying training
• Flight test

The minimum age to hold a PPL for a helicopter or aeroplane is 17 years old. Prior to any training, students will need a medical examination and a medical certificate for the licence to be valid.

Please enquire with us via the PPL form for further information on flight schools near Amesbury offering PPL training.

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