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How much will learning to fly cost near Derby?

Learning to fly near Derby is affordable with introductory lessons / flight experiences.

Learning to become a pilot can cost several thousand pounds. This takes into account professional instruction, exams, aircraft hiring and landing fees.

You have the unique opportunity to become a fully qualified pilot. Don't just dream about flight, live it!

I want to fly an aircraft near Derby. What is the minimum age?

The minimum age to hold a pilot licence for an aeroplane or helicopter is 17 years old. This age requirement for learning to flying near Derby is also subject to a medical examination.

Will I learn to fly in Derby?

Flying Lesson Serve helps customers find the nearest flight schools for learning to fly near Derby. Specific services and licences may only be available at certain locations within the UK.

Learn To Fly An Aircraft Derby

Learn to fly an aircraft near Derby with the help of professional flight schools near Derbyshire.

Learning to fly aeroplanes or helicopters requires the correct training and skilled instructors. The team always do their best to provide you with the tools and information needed to help you learn to fly and obtain your PPL (Private Pilot's Licence) or even a CPL (Commercial Pilot's Licence).

For more information on how to learn to fly in the Derbyshire area contact the professionals now. Fill out the learn to fly enquiry form with your details for a fast response back.

Learn To Fly Derby

Learning To Fly Derby

Learning to fly an aeroplane or helicopter can seem like a difficult task, which is why the professional flight instructors, who have years worth of flight experience and training are here to help you learn to fly.

The modern, fully equipped flight schools near Derby have well maintained aircraft and the correct facilities. The professionals offer a wide variety of flying lessons which are suited to your individuals schedule and needs.

Learning to fly near Derby includes the following:

• Theory tests and information
• Structured flying lessons
• Experienced flight instructors
• Intensive course

These are only a small selection of the services that the pilots provide. Whatever you have in mind the professionals will do their best to accommodate it.

All flight instructors and flying schools have high standards in pilot training, customer service and the safety standards required.

If you would like to learn to fly near the Derbyshire area, get in contact now. Complete the online form for a fast and the staff will be in contact shortly.

Recent Enquires

i want to learn to fly a small aircraft.


hello, this is a first/initial enquiry about helicopter flight lessons. I don`t want to buy a €red letter` style experience, i`m researching if and how I could go about learning to fly. many thanks, rob


hello,i am getting in touch as my brother`s 30th birthday is coming up and i`d like to get him a(some) flying lesson(s) for him to use. I appreciate things will be difficult to book during this current climate but hopefully it is something he can look forward to in the future.given this, are you able to let me know some potential options?kind regards,robbie


hii would like information on flying lessons with a view to getting my pilot licence


good morning, I hope this email finds you well.i am writing to enquire about the possible availability and price of a flying lesson. I am hoping for any time this friday afternoon (27th) for anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour in a two seater aircraft. thank you for your help. best wishes,steph


hello I am looking to book a flying lesson as surprise (initial one) for my sons birthday) and my query is availablity and price? many thanks.


christmas and birthday present. interested in flying lessons.


i want to learn how to fly aerops. I want ppl. please tell me how much is the course and how does the lessons work


first I would like to do the medical examination which I know is possible next to the airport, bit I also try to compare prices in schools and terms (preferably the learn on your own pace scheme).could you inform me about your pricing, cost of gear necessary and instalments. do you have perhaps the fast route program (i know it`s not very popular in helicopter training)i would be also interested in a trial lesson as so far i`ve never even been in a helicopter. kind regards maciek


hi, I am a student and want to learn to fly. could you let me know your prices? thank you


looking for a flying lesson for a gift , for approx 30 - 40 min. please let me know cost and location.thanks


good afternoon, I am looking at booking some flying lessons for my partner for his 30th birthday as its been a life- long dream for him. I was just wondering if you offer lessons and if so how much they are per an hour. or whether you go any packages. this will be a surprise for him, so if you are able to contact me via email that would be appreciated. kind regards amber