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How much will learning to fly cost near Deal?

Learning to fly near Deal is affordable with introductory lessons / flight experiences.

Learning to become a pilot can cost several thousand pounds. This takes into account professional instruction, exams, aircraft hiring and landing fees.

You have the unique opportunity to become a fully qualified pilot. Don't just dream about flight, live it!

I want to fly an aircraft near Deal. What is the minimum age?

The minimum age to hold a pilot licence for an aeroplane or helicopter is 17 years old. This age requirement for learning to flying near Deal is also subject to a medical examination.

Will I learn to fly in Deal?

Flying Lesson Serve helps customers find the nearest flight schools for learning to fly near Deal. Specific services and licences may only be available at certain locations within the UK.

Learn To Fly An Aircraft Deal

Learn to fly an aircraft near Deal with the help of professional flight schools near Kent.

Learning to fly aeroplanes or helicopters requires the correct training and skilled instructors. The team always do their best to provide you with the tools and information needed to help you learn to fly and obtain your PPL (Private Pilot's Licence) or even a CPL (Commercial Pilot's Licence).

For more information on how to learn to fly in the Kent area contact the professionals now. Fill out the learn to fly enquiry form with your details for a fast response back.

Learn To Fly Deal

Learning To Fly Deal

Learning to fly an aeroplane or helicopter can seem like a difficult task, which is why the professional flight instructors, who have years worth of flight experience and training are here to help you learn to fly.

The modern, fully equipped flight schools near Deal have well maintained aircraft and the correct facilities. The professionals offer a wide variety of flying lessons which are suited to your individuals schedule and needs.

Learning to fly near Deal includes the following:

• Theory tests and information
• Structured flying lessons
• Experienced flight instructors
• Intensive course

These are only a small selection of the services that the pilots provide. Whatever you have in mind the professionals will do their best to accommodate it.

All flight instructors and flying schools have high standards in pilot training, customer service and the safety standards required.

If you would like to learn to fly near the Kent area, get in contact now. Complete the online form for a fast and the staff will be in contact shortly.

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hi there,i`m emailing on behalf of my boss - michael sackler - who is keen to start flying lessons. he lives nearby in lambourn woodlands and is interested in starting as soon as possible.i would be grateful if someone could please call me to discuss options etc. he wants a teacher who is absolutely top notch - ideally the best teacher in area, and doesn`t have a budget. I look forward to hearing from you about this. please call me as soon as you can about this, thanks!best regards,leonie


flying lessons


i am looking for flying lessons in or around stafford area, I do have experience of flying from when I was in the air cadets


flying lessons for 14yr. beginner and knows nothing. wants to be able to fly a p by 16 and get her licence. please can I know the rough amount that it would cost for her to do it. thank you.


hi,i would like to learn how to fly a helicopter, with the view to become a qualified helicopter pilot. please advise?thanks,dudley.


hi, my dad got a voucher for a trial flight with orkney flying club several years ago for his birthday but was unable to use it due to bad weather on several occasions and now the contacts we had for the flight are no longer available. could someone please get in touch to advise the best way forward for my dad to get his flight.thanks in advance for your help.regards,sandra gardner


i am interested in booking a flying lesson for my dad.


partnership enquiry, to enable us to work together and us to promote and sell your flying experiences on our site. thanks.


good evening, I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction. I would like to learn and train to be a qualified helicopter pilot. I am 47 so I am aware that a career in this field may be out of the question. would you be able to advise me on costs to achieve a pilots license and the number of approximate lesson I would require.i look forward to your replykind regardshitesh


hello,i was just wondering if you could give me an outline of cost and duration of a flying lesson.kind regardslaura


this is for my son who is x we are looking to pay for the first part of his learning as he has always wanted to learn. please can I have some costs and where you are located thankyou


how much would it cost to fly me to bolton and return with waiting of one hour?