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How much will CPL training Enfield cost?

CPL training Enfield requires considerable time and investment.

Obtaining a commercial pilot licence for a business jet or instructor role will cost several thousands pounds. The cost to obtain ATPL can be over [pound]100,000 and it can take up to 2 years to complete.

Becoming a commercial pilot is hugely rewarding, both financially and from a job satisfaction point of view. But it's important to know that a career in the skies requires a big commitment from the student.

Is CPL training in Enfield?

Flying Lesson Serve will help you find the nearest flight school for CPL training Enfield London. Most flight schools are easily accessible by road or public transport links.

What is the minimum age for commercial pilot training Enfield?

The minimum age for commercial pilot training Enfield is 18. All applications wish to pursue an aviation career will require a Class 1 medical certificate.

Commercial Pilot Licence Enfield

A CPL is needed if you want to earn a living from flying near Enfield. You can undergo CPL training with flight schools near London.

Obtaining a commercial pilot licence allows you to engage in a wide range of exciting flight based jobs throughout the UK including Enfield.

Obtaining your CPL at flight schools near London is hugely rewarding and can lead to a varied and rewarding flight career.

Find out more about CPL training and how it could change your career prospects in Enfield by filling in the CPL training form with your contact details and CPL requirements. The professional flight school staff will then contact you back shortly to discuss your CPL training near Enfield in London.

CPL training Enfield

Commercial Pilot Licence Training Enfield

Before you even think about commercial pilot licence training near Enfield, you will require a Class 1 medical certificate. This is a full time flying and ground training course provided by a flying school.

If you have zero flying experience, the best course to choose is an integrated training course. If you cannot give up your current career, you can opt for a modular choice. This is completed at your own pace but it will obviously take longer to complete.

Once the flight training begins will start flight training, simulator exercises and classed based study. Eventually you would acquire a multi engine licence and a commercial pilot licence.

This allows you to fly for a financial reward. If you stopped now, you wouldn't be able to fly for an airline but you could still fly a business jet or become a teacher for new student pilots!

If you do carry and pass even more ground and flight exams, you will eventually become the owner of an Airline transport pilot licence (ATPL). This will allow you to fly for an airline. You will need to build up even more flying hours (1500 in total) and you will need to obtain ratings i.e. the licence to fly certain types of aircraft e.g. an Airbus A320 or a Boeing B737.

Commercial pilot licence training near Enfield for helicopters has similar demanding requirements.

For further information regarding commercial pilot licence training Enfield for an airline or helicopter, simply complete the online form provided.

Recent Enquires

good evening,25 yrs ago whilst in the royal navy I had the option to become a pilot but took a different path instead.i have ever since hankered / wondered what if and so would like to learn how to fly either a p or a helicopter.could you let me know the cost of a trial lesson please moving onto lessons for each to accomplish this unfinished ambition.kind regards colin smith 26 tweedbank leyinnerleithen eh446pe


hello,my son robert is interested in becoming a helicopter pilot. we would therefore like to give him a trail session. could you please give us some information of rates, time or full day experience etc. many thanks


i am interested in helicopter lesson, with the view to gaining my ppl h/ potentially cpl h. I live in edinburgh and would be willing to travel when restrictions allow it. I understand that lessons are currently unlikely, but would like more information on site availability and the courses to get the ball rolling. thank you


i am looking to purchase flying training (p) as a gift for a friend and want these hours to count towards the overall hours needed to become a pilot. if this is possible could you send prices back to me. thank you


hi, i`m keen to find out more about gaining a commercial helicopter licence. please can somebody make contact with me regarding this. many thanks, tom


hi can you please send me the course price list for the helicopter ppl and cpl.thanks adam


hii am looking for the best way to have lessons and obtain a helicopter licence. I live near norwich and am 46 years of age. it has always been an ambition of mine to pass and hold a licence before I am x could you please let me know the cost and time frame package of training to test and qualification. kind regardshelen


hello do you have a telephone number to speak to someone about commercial flight training?


hi, I am interested in ppl leading to cpl. can I have more information on ppl. how much does it cost approx. and the requirement for it. I am interested in distance learning and on flexible payment such as pay as you go.can I please have more details?


hi team,i`m planning to complete a ppl(h) once lockdown eases with a view to obtaining a cpl(h) for the purposes of pursuing a flying career in the civilian sector. I am currently a helicopter pilot in the army. please could you let me know your prices and paths to completion?kind regards,mat


information on self funded training for cpl. thank you


dear sir/ma`ami am 16 years old and will be turning 17 soon (26/11/2000). i`m interested in being a raf pilot and I am wondering how I should go about getting started in training for a ppl license. how can I get a medical? and what cost will this be all together? any other useful information would be helpful.i look forward to your reply,nick.