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Request details on flying lessons in Basingstoke


Is a flying school near Basingstoke?

Their are flying schools covering Hampshire where you can learn to fly. Flying Lesson Serve will help you find the closest school for flying lessons.

Do flight schools near Basingstoke offer aircraft hire services?

Some flight schools covering Hampshire offer self-hire services. Each flight school will have a different choice of training aircraft and services.

What do flying lessons near Basingstoke consist of?

Generally your flying lessons near Basingstoke will consist of ground training and exams in various subjects, dual flying lessons with an instructor, solo flying training and a flight test.

Flight Lessons Basingstoke

If you're interesting in flight lessons near Basingstoke, Flying Lesson Serve aims to help. The flight instructors are experienced and fully trained to provide flying lessons for aeroplanes and helicopters.

For more information on flying lessons near Basingstoke, simply get in contact with the staff. You can do this by filling out the enquiry form provided.

Flying Lessons Basingstoke

Flying School Basingstoke and Hampshire

All of the flying schools near Hampshire have access to training aircraft and facilitates required for flying lessons.

Obtaining your PPL (Private Pilot Licence) opens up a whole new world. Imagine flying and enjoy the amazing aerial views throughout the UK.

The flying courses near Basingstoke and Hampshire that can be offered include:

• Learn To Fly Basingstoke
• Helicopter Lessons Basingstoke
• PPL Licence Basingstoke
• CPL Training Basingstoke
• Pilot Training Basingstoke

These are only a few of the services that can be offered by flight schools near Hampshire. Subject to the flying school, additional services can be provided as well.

For more information on flying lessons near Basingstoke, just contact the professionals. You can do this by filling out the flying school enquiry form with you details and then one of the team will discuss your flying lessons near Basingstoke

Recent Enquires

is it possible for my 15 year old son to do this?and how many hours are usually needed? and please can tell me how much lessons cost? thank you


how much are the lessons?


i am interested in more information, prices, timeslocation of your lessons . thank you


please could you provide prices for helicopter taster flying lessons?thanksgwen


hello my ppl is since x I have x flighthoures (cessna 172,pa28) and like to hire a p for a round flight prefere with a local trainer/ pilot if possible for tomorrow. I hope the best.


i am interested in pursuing a private license. I live in edinburgh and I would like to know what is the closes school to start the written and exams requirements. and the flying lessons. thank you


i am looking to purchase a one off flying lesson for a gift. is this possible?


want to book flying lessons for my husband


i would like to purchase a helicopter flying lesson as a surprise birthday gift, with the idea that it would lead to him taking a full training course. could you please let me know if this is something you offer and what the price of a single lesson would be.many thankssue


hi i`m looking to get a ppl, no experience and looking to start flying lessons thanksdawn


hi, just looking to have a few lessons as i€™m going to go for helicopter pilot in the army as i€™m already in. just to see if i€™m suited for it and would pick it up easier. along side that if I suit it and all goes well i€™ll apply for my ppl(h). many thanks ben! please reply via email as signal on the camps aren€™t the best.


hi,looking for helicopter lessons as close as possible to edinburgh.thanksorla