Helicopter Lessons
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Are helicopter lessons?

Flying Lesson Serve can help you find the closest flight school for helicopter lessons. Most are easily accessible by road or public transportation.

What is the minimum age for helicopter lessons ?

To fly a helicopter solo, you must be at least 16 years old. To hold a PPL (H), you will need to be 17. Currently there is no maximum age limit for obtaining a licence. All potential students for helicopter lessons will require a Class 1 or Class 2 medical certificate issued by an authorised medical examiner.

What is the cost of helicopter lessons?

The cost of trial / experience helicopter lessons is cost-effective for most budgets and is the ideal way to treat or surprise someone.

If the aim of helicopter lessons is to become a fully qualified pilot, it will cost several thousand pounds. This takes into account training costs, airfield fees, exams, medical, equipment, tests and CAA fees.

Helicopter Lesson

Flying Lesson Serve offer a simple and effective way for you to take your helicopter flying lessons near obtain your private pilot licence (PPL (H)) or commercial pilot licence (CPL (H)).

Once you have successfully completed helicopter lessons, you can fly for fun or a practical way to get from A to B. Whether you opt for helicopter hire or helicopter purchase, the professionals are here to help.

All of the helicopter pilots are experienced and have the training required to teach you how to learn to fly a helicopter, they are friendly and will always offer advice should you need it.

For more information on helicopter lessons or for further information, simply fill out the helicopter lesson enquiry form with your details and one of the staff will contact you back shortly.

Helicopter lessons

Helicopter Training

All of the helicopter flight schools have well maintained helicopters and experienced pilots for the provision of helicopter training.

Each one of the helicopter pilots is fully trained and has extensive helicopter flight experience, meaning they are able to professionally teach you on how to be comfortable in the cockpit of a helicopter.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved helicopter training courses are provided by modern flight schools.

For more information on helicopter lessons simply get in touch now. This can be done by completing the online form provided for a prompt response.

Recent Enquires

good evening,25 yrs ago whilst in the royal navy I had the option to become a pilot but took a different path instead.i have ever since hankered / wondered what if and so would like to learn how to fly either a p or a helicopter.could you let me know the cost of a trial lesson please moving onto lessons for each to accomplish this unfinished ambition.kind regards colin smith 26 tweedbank leyinnerleithen eh446pe


i would like to qualify to fly a r44 helicopter ppl h


just want to know where I can learn to fly ps or helicopters near my area and at what cost.


just looking for a quote for my sisters 49th birthday. she€™s in par and would love a helicopter lesson. thanks. kate


hello i`m trying to decide whether to pursue a ppl for a helicopter or aa airp. please could you provide programme details, prices and requirements for both? many thanks


i am looking for a price for a helicopter lesson for a friend`s birthday. he wants to eventually get his helicopter licence and I thought this would be a great way to test whether he really enjoys it. he lives in ealing.thsnkshelen


hello... i€™m looking to buy my husband a helicopter flying lesson as a gift for his 40th birthday please could you send me the info and prices for this?i am hoping to book this for him to do on his birthday the morning of 28th january..thank you lisa challinor


i would like to book a helicopter lesson for my husbands birthday. is that something that you offer? if so, how long would the lesson be for