CPL Training
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Commercial Pilot Licence

A CPL is needed if you want to earn a living from flying. You can undergo CPL training with flight schools.

Obtaining a commercial pilot licence allows you to engage in a wide range of exciting flight based jobs throughout the UK including .

Obtaining your CPL at flight schools is hugely rewarding and can lead to a varied and rewarding flight career.

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CPL training

Commercial Pilot Licence Training

Before you even think about commercial pilot licence training, you will require a Class 1 medical certificate. This is a full time flying and ground training course provided by a flying school.

If you have zero flying experience, the best course to choose is an integrated training course. If you cannot give up your current career, you can opt for a modular choice. This is completed at your own pace but it will obviously take longer to complete.

Once the flight training begins will start flight training, simulator exercises and classed based study. Eventually you would acquire a multi engine licence and a commercial pilot licence.

This allows you to fly for a financial reward. If you stopped now, you wouldn't be able to fly for an airline but you could still fly a business jet or become a teacher for new student pilots!

If you do carry and pass even more ground and flight exams, you will eventually become the owner of an Airline transport pilot licence (ATPL). This will allow you to fly for an airline. You will need to build up even more flying hours (1500 in total) and you will need to obtain ratings i.e. the licence to fly certain types of aircraft e.g. an Airbus A320 or a Boeing B737.

Commercial pilot licence training for helicopters has similar demanding requirements.

For further information regarding commercial pilot licence training for an airline or helicopter, simply complete the online form provided.


How much will CPL training cost?

cpl training requires considerable time and investment. obtaining a commercial pilot licence for a business jet or instructor role will cost several thousands pounds. the cost to obtain atpl can be over [pound]100,000 and it can take up to 2 years to complete. becoming a commercial pilot is hugely rewarding, both financially and from a job satisfaction point of view. but it's important to know that a career in the skies requires a big commitment from the student.

Is CPL training?

flying lesson serve will help you find the nearest flight school for cpl training . most flight schools are easily accessible by or public transport links.

What is the minimum age for commercial pilot training ?

the minimum age for commercial pilot training is x all applications wish to pursue an aviation career will require a class 1 medical certificate.

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